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My dog showing teeth at me!?

I have a little 12 lbs dog. She is very loving and gentle and always shows a lot of submissive behavior such as rolling over onto her back.

She is a total lap dog and loves being around people and sitting next to them sleeping.

She is now 18 months old and I have noticed that if I try to stop her doing something ie sitting on the bed she showes her teeth.

Just a tiny bit but I notice, my response is to slap her straight away with a %26quot;NO%26quot;.

What is the best and most productive way to train this out of her.


My dog showing teeth at me!?
this is a challange to you for leadership of the pack you need to roll her on her back and hold her for a while to let her know that this is still YOUR pack
Reply:My dog does that too and I just stare at her until she looks away. It is a way of establishing that you are the dominant one. Then when she looks away, I would move her from the bed. Good luck!
Reply:You should never hit a dog, just shout no and walk away. They need to learn it%26#039;s a bad thing to do but try to avoid them biting your hand off
Reply:I assume by your name %26#039;Bill%26#039;, you aren%26#039;t pregnant? As many dogs turn funny with owners when they are pregnant.

Your dog is just testing boundaries, trying to raise up the pack. Just ensure you are firm, and eventually she will get the message.
Reply:Is she growling at you or barking? I have one dog that does this. He is almost 5 years old but I believe he is smiling at me or maybe knows he is doing something he is getting punished for. Most animals have their own personality. I would not be concerned if she is not growling or barking. Maybe she just thinks she is sneaking something by on you.
Reply:You don%26#039;t say what kind of dog she is. My shih tzu has such a bad underbite that she always looks like she%26#039;s snarling. Is she growling and looking like she wants to bite while she%26#039;s showing her teeth? Saying %26quot;NO%26quot; or %26quot;STOP THAT%26quot; the minute she does it is good. She needs to know that it%26#039;s unacceptable behavior before she takes a bite of someone. Sounds like she%26#039;s a bed guarder!
Reply:My dog started doing that when she was around 5 years old, she is 10 years old now and she bares no teeth at any family member. Just keep working with her, tell her no, even after she shows her teeth toward you. Pop her everytime she shows her teeth/growls/snarls etc., but don%26#039;t hit her too hard though, she%26#039;ll be afraid of you.
Reply:Well the first thing you are doing wrong is slapping her. This will just lead to aggression. If she is doing something that you do not approve of tell her with a firm NO, and guide her off the bed, or put your knee up if she is jumping on you. If she is showing her teeth out of anger than you need to firmly put your hand in front on her face (you can%26#039;t appear to be afraid since dogs can sense fear) and show that YOU are the dominate one and not her. She might be showing her teeth just to show off, I have seen where this is a way of playing around and because most people think it is funny (when not in an aggressive manor) the dogs will continue to do it because they like humans, like the attention. Also, if you put something up to your dogs nose and they do not like the smell of it they will make the same funny face. It just all depends on the situation and what is making her gnarl.
Reply:Of course she shows her teeth even a little bit when you correct her, because she doesn%26#039;t like it. The first thing I learned when I took our little dog to obedience class was to correct them, but not with a %26quot;No.%26quot; It may seem silly, but if you correct her with a word, she%26#039;ll associate your voice with being a bad thing. We were told to correct her with an %26quot;uh uh.%26quot; It has worked for us, and she loves the sound of our voice, but knows when we %26quot;uh uh%26quot; that she%26#039;s been bad and she stops. As for breaking her of the habit of showing her teeth, I would suggest correcting her for that as well, but you don%26#039;t need to slap her. As long as you are stern with the %26quot;uh uh,%26quot; she should understand after a while. I hope this can help you, and good luck!
Reply:if i was you i would not allow any animal on my bed or up stairs. thats your part of the house the dogs is down stairs. just think the dog dirty pooy paws all over you nice clean bed. hairs in your moth will you sleep. but your doing right telling her not to show her teeth she trying to tell you whos boss dont let her ever.
Reply:She is in need of knowing you are the boss not her. It could be a fear thing also. Try verbal commands such as %26quot;get down%26quot; rather than slapping altho I can see the reason for it but it%26#039;s obviously not working. Reward %26quot;get down%26quot; everytime she does. She%26#039;ll soon stop. Good luck.
Reply:I know this might sound stupid but rather than smacking her you should start shouting %26quot;arrgh!!%26quot; really loud when she does it as the smacking thing dosent always work and she will see it as aggression towards her and do it even more.The other one to try is having a squirty gun with water in it and everytime she does something you dont like squirt her with it.

My huskie started doing this and it worried me that she would turn on my kids.I eventually took her to dog training and the guy who did the training said never to smack.A sound of dislike like i said shows then you are not happy.Also,if she snarls at you to put her in a room making that noise and leaving her there for a while,it gets repetative but eventually works and she will realise that you are the boss.Never let her sit above you on a chair or sofa as they associate this with being above you in the pack,which she isnt.

Dont allow her into the bedroom if she carries on doing it and let her know that there are certain areas in the house that she is allowed.The mistake we all make is allowing them up onto furniture and then they want to control where they sit etc.

If she has a bed make sure you say %26quot;in your bed%26quot; really firmly until she realises this is where she belongs not where she wants.
Reply:Instead of smacking the dog use a rolled up newspaper. It is the noise of the paper that causes concern for the animal. Don%26#039;t let her away with it as she is testing you.
Reply:you are doing the best way; pop her sharply on the nose and tell her NO very loudly while making eye contact. this should help and if it doesn%26#039;t improve after a while then take her to an dog training or a class that will teach her not to do that. sorry that I can%26#039;t make a suggestion about where to take the training class. anyway, good luck!
Reply:Sounds like you could use a few slaps yourself.
Reply:same as other answers she thinks shes higher up in the pack because she%26#039;s always being treated like the leader ie. bonding/grooming/etc

you basically need to stop her getting on the bed/sofas/chairs/ your place is your place and she has hers. She should come to you not the other way around. She%26#039;s possibly confused about who%26#039;s leading, you need to be the %26quot;leader%26quot;. dont have a staring competition or hit a dog though. they need to trust you not be intimidated by you. show her want you want her to do.
Reply:My pit bull does this - pulls back his front lips just enough to show his tiny front teeth - not his fangs. He also adopts a burly submissive posture - bearing his belly.

He does this right before he leaps vertically and licks my face.

Funny, I have a big, broad, toothy smile - and he only started to do this when he would see me smiling at him. He looks like he%26#039;s smiling back.

He only does this when he%26#039;s happy - as in, invitation to play, when I get home from work, when he rides in the car, etc. etc.

However I may enjoy this - it%26#039;s offensive to others. SO, rather than a slap in the face - consider rolling your dog on her back and holding her there for 60 seconds or so? That will show that %26quot;smiling%26quot; isn%26#039;t acceptable.

If there is any growling involved - grab her sternly by the scruff of the neck and hold her tightly while telling her %26quot;no.%26quot;
Reply:Never stare at your dog. It un nerves them so anyone who tells you to do so, is wrong.

Try showing your own teeth, I did and my dog stopped. Show you have teeth too. lol.

or if you have a place like a basket, just say go there and make them stay until you feel they are ready to be let out. like a sort of %26#039;naughty corner%26#039;
Reply:Not slapping her would be a start. That%26#039;s just cruel, and there are other ways of disciplining your dog. She is a tiny thing, and a smack from you could do a lot of damage, so don%26#039;t be heartless, be patient.

You are doing the right thing by firmly telling her no. However, when she shows you her teeth is she also growling, or is she staying silent? It sounds to me, based on how you%26#039;ve described your dog, that she probably thinks you trying to stop her jumping on the bed is a game.

I had the same issue with my Wheaten, and what I did was accompany my %26quot;NO%26quot; with a loud noise. I clapped my hands really hard. This made him realise that I was serious, as the loud noise brought his attention back to me and what I was saying. He now comes into my bedroom all the time, and does not jump on the bed. Be consistent. It took me about 2 weeks to get the message across.

Good Luck with it, and PLEASE, PLEASE, stop hitting your dog. One of these days she%26#039;ll defend herself when you hit her, bite you, and you%26#039;ll end up putting her to sleep. Is that really what you want?
Reply:you%26#039;re doing the right thing so far

she is trying to show dominace and scare you into backing down from telling her off

keep going as you are - you may need to put the focus on her doing something right and rewarding her than telling her off

for example if she is on the bed call her to you and ask her to sit rewarding her with a favourite treat when she does.

this takes the foucs off the confrontation and onto the fact it is rewarding to listen to your commands
Reply:she thinks she%26#039;s equal to you. cut back her privileges. don%26#039;t let her on your bed or on the chairs. Just tell her off when she tries it on

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