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Is it necessary to brush my dog's teeth?

My dog is turning 9 this yr and I%26#039;ve never ever brushed his teeth. His teeth are brown at the tip, and cracked, kind of looking like cavities.

Is it super important to brush my dog%26#039;s teeth?

Is it necessary to brush my dog%26#039;s teeth?
It is necessary for your dog to have dental work by this stage, yes. It will mean an anaesthetic and a scale and clean and the vets, the same as you would have at the dentist. He may need extractions too. It%26#039;s very common in older cats and dogs. It is necessary to get this sorted, as bad teeth can cause further health problems including kidney failure, as well as being painful for the animal.

After the dental, you can take steps to avoid further deterioration of the teeth, including brushing. Dog toothbrushes and special pastes are available, but if your dog won%26#039;t tolerate this, special hard kibble is available to help clean teeth - this is not a diet that has to be feed exclusively.

If you can get a puppy/kitten used to having it%26#039;s teeth cleaned you can avoid the almost inevitable need for dental work when older, tho I don%26#039;t know anyone who actually does this. I haven%26#039;t any dogs or cats at the moment, but the next I get I will train to be used to having their teeth cleaned - well dogs anyway, cats I might just feed lots of Hills t/d! I%26#039;ve seen too many HIDEOUSLY yucky animal mouths - including my own 16 year old cat%26#039;s! I%26#039;ve learned my lesson!

Reply:Some dogs don%26#039;t need their teeth brushed if they eat dry kibble and are in good health, but some dogs do need a yearly cleaning by a vet. It also depends on the breed.
Reply:not realy, but you could
Reply:At this point brushing his teeth wouldnt really do much good. Schedule him for a dental cleaning at the vet, and once thats done you can start brushing his teeth several times a week. If youve never done this to him before, he may not even allow it to be done, but if he does, it will help out alot with bad breath, and prevent them from having all that gunk on his teeth from coming back.
Reply:Vets recommend that you do, only using special doggie toothpaste (people toothpaste isn%26#039;t good for them). What kind of dog is he? I know my poodle will have more dental problems because of his narrow snout. At this point it sounds like you need help from a vet. Good luck.
Reply:Gum disease is common amoung older dogs. If the gums are red , discolored and bad breath it might be a good idea to take it to the vet first and see what he recomends.We brush our dogs teeth for she has gum disease. Brushing is not mandatory though.
Reply:Brushing the teeth is actually quite important. Bacteria doesn%26#039;t just sit in the mouth - it can travel into other parts of the body. This bacteria can lead to heart, liver, and other problems. A dental cleaning at the vet%26#039;s is expensive. Most dogs eventually need it but it can be prolonged by weekly (at least) brushing at home.

I agree with the post above - have a cleaning done at the vet, then try to brush your dog%26#039;s teeth at home. Better late than never!
Reply:well i think u see a vet cuz tht happened to my dog and he had to have some teeth pulled = [ now he has these special teeth cleaning bones this point, brushing won%26#039;t do much...I never really found brushing effective...

BUT I love using raw meaty bones to clean teeth! These things seriously work 100 times better than brushing!!! Ask a butcher by you if you can have the cow bones and freeze them until you want to give them to your dog! I have a nine year old who still looks 3 ish because of her teeth!

Are you afraid of the germs? Remember that wolves eat the exact same thing. Dogs are hardy, especially when It comes to digesting food with bacteria. Plus Japanese people eat raw steak anyway...

SERIOUSLY best thing you can do for his teeth.
Reply:After you%26#039;ve had your canine friend%26#039;s teeth checked by a vet there are products you can sprinkle on his food that will make the tartar and plaque much easier to clean off with light brushing. check with your pet store. The stuff I buy is a white powder that contains a driend cheese product. I buy it at PetValu.

Also, feeding you dog a dry food and/or dried biscuits and giving them a %26quot;dentabone%26quot; a few times a week will keep your dogs gums and teeth healthy as well.

I wanted to add - that there are also these rubber things that look like thimbles (I bought mine at Wal-Mart in the pet section) that you can put on your fingers and sort of let your pup chew on it (don%26#039;t let him swallow it) and it works like a tooth brush - its not as invasive and makes the process more fun. My dogs do this almost every evening for just a few minutes.
Reply:well you can brush them but you can also use the white bones or brown ones to clean there teeth I use it on my dog.
Reply:it helps him every once awhile not all the time
Reply:Yes, it is very important to brush your dogs teeth! their teeth are just like ours and need a daily cleaning.

Talk to your vet, he/she may have recommendations on what to do.
Reply:Dental care in dogs/cats is just as important as it is in us. He should have a full dental scaling/polishing under general anesthesia, and continued brushing at home. Just because they eat dry food only doesnt mean he doesnt need brushing. That%26#039;s kinda like saying if you only ate hard food you wouldnt need to brush ... I think your dentist would have something to say about that.

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Are dog's teeth supposed to fall out?

My dog is 7 months old.

They are the two %26quot;Canine%26quot; teeth.

Well they are the two long ones...One on the left and the other on the right. Both of them fell out recently...Is there something wrong?

Are dog%26#039;s teeth supposed to fall out?
No, nothing is wrong! Puppies loose their small teeth, just as small children do. It%26#039;s perfectly normal and healthy for your dog to do this.
Reply:Dogs lose their baby teeth just like people. If you are concerned that they were permanent teeth, take her to the vet.
Reply:yes it is like us
Reply:yes dog%26#039;s teeth are supposed to fall in that age
Reply:could just be losing his puppy teeth. My dog did the same thing and grew his adult ones in just perfectly fine. My roommates dog a while back did the same thing. I think it%26#039;s perfectly normal.
Reply:Puppies like humans do have baby teeth which they can loose. If his overall teeth and mouth are healthy, I wouldn%26#039;t worry about it
Reply:no not at all just like humans dogs lose their %26quot;baby teeth%26quot; and %26quot;adult teeth%26quot; grow in. its perfectly normal for puppies.
Reply:That%26#039;s normal.

Dogs and cats have baby teeth that they lose, same as humans. By this age it won%26#039;t be long before your dog has his full set of adult teeth. You don%26#039;t always find the lost teeth - I think they swallow a lot of them.

Reply:Nope. That fine. She is about the right age to loose her puppy teeth and get her adult teeth. Just give her lots of chew toys to keep her from chewing up anything expensive while she is teething!! lol
Reply:Just like everyone said, no nothing is wrong. They lose their baby teeth just like people.

One thing I did want to add, they usually do swallow them, so don%26#039;t worry about that.
Reply:Your puppy will lose its baby teeth and then adult teeth will grow in.
Reply:just like a child, a pup will lose their teeth. I remember my rottie would be playing with something and i would hear the %26#039;tink%26#039; sound on the kitchen tile and i would find a tooth.
Reply:Puppies lose %26quot;baby teeth%26quot; just like humans, and others grow in. Teething is irritating to puppies, too. Take a clean washcloth, wet it, twist it, and put it in the freezer. When your puppy chews on it, the cold will help ease irritated gums.
Reply:No puppies lose their teeth just like babies. Then their adult teeth come in . So dont worry that is very normal


Help with brushing my dog's teeth.?


I have a new addition to our family. She is a 7 year old Husky mix. The vet told me she needs to have her teeth brushed. She had tarter buildup on her teeth. The vet cleaned them for me. But when I tried today, she would not let me. How can I train her? My last dog was already used to having his teeth brushed before I adopted him.

Help with brushing my dog%26#039;s teeth.?
Well if the vet has already cleaned them that means all the tartar is already gone now all you need to do now is to PREVENT tartar and plaucque build up. It wouldn%26#039;t be the best thing to brush your dogs teeth yourself because i bet you don%26#039;t know how to do it professionally like the vets do it quick, simple and easy(that%26#039;s not an offensive fact).

You should buy your dog DentaBones or DentaStix. They require all the extra vitamins and minerals for your dogs teeth to grow healthy and strong and the Bones and Stix also protect your dog teeth from plaque and tartar build up PLUS smelly breath. They cost around $ 3-7 for a 4 bone packet depending the size of the Bone or Stix.

Also Kong Toys are the way to go. You may know about them but if you don%26#039;t they are like a toy but a toothbrush at the same time. They usually come with an attached doggy toothpaste which you insert inside the toy and when they chew on the toy it cleans their teeth while they have fun chewing and trying to root out the paste at the same time, It keeps them mentally stimulated that way also. The Kong Dental Toy is a specially designed rubber Doggy Toothbrush ( as i told you) so because its special rubber for dogs it massages the gums and feels great. The paste comes in all different Flavours like Peanut Butter, Spearmint, Peppermint, Meaty Treat and much more. All the flavours are all guaranteed to smell great inside your dogs mouth. Hope this helps you!

P.S I don%26#039;t know how much the Kong toys cost.
Reply:start off first with just playing with her muzzle. do this for a few days then move onto lifting up her lip and massaging her gums. once she comes to like this you can introduce the toothbrush and just for a short amount of time rub it along her gums. once she%26#039;s used to that add toothpaste, make sure it%26#039;s dog approved toothpaste the human toothpaste is bad for dogs. once she%26#039;s used to having her mouth handeled she will relax and it will be easier. but you%26#039;re going to have to take your time introducing her to it, if you%26#039;ve never done it and just try to pin her down and brush her teeth she%26#039;s going to associate it as a bad thing.
Reply:strange.. they didn%26#039;t suggest those doggy treats that clean a dogs teeth %26quot;especially tarter%26quot;? ..or is this some thing where she can%26#039;t eat right as it is?
Reply:there are soft dog brushs that go over your finger like a thimble. Easier to use. Then get a dog toothpaste.. something they like the taste of. Train in a small confined area, like your bathroom. Make it a habit.. like doing his right after your own.

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Brushing my dog's teeth?

Can I brush my dog%26#039;s teeth with regualr (human) toothpaste, or do I need to go and buy dog toothpaste??

Please site your source so I know its safe and true!!


Brushing my dog%26#039;s teeth?
yea def use the dooggy tooth comes with chicken or beef flavor so its like a treat for the dogs and they wont as against the idea of having their teeth clean.

And please spend 3 dollars to buy that dog toothbush. it has 2 ends one is bigger and one side is smaller. its easier to get in the deep inside of the teeth. IF your dogs really doesnt like the teethbrush inside the mouth. They also have the finger brush which you can put it on your finger and you can rub their gum line with the toothpaste.

The whole set is like 10 bucks - def worth the investment!
Reply:You need a special brush and paste. Visit your vet or look at a website that can give you more information about your pet%26#039;s teeth.
Reply:when i brush my dog%26#039;s teeth i would use doggy tooth paste just to make it safer
Reply:No it%26#039;s not good for them to ingest. Human toothpaste isn%26#039;t meant to be swallowed in large quantities and you can%26#039;t teach your dog to spit.

They%26#039;ll like the meat-flavored toothpaste for dogs and it will be easier for you to brush their teeth when they%26#039;re happy.
Reply:Noooo! Don%26#039;t use human toothpaste! You can get doggie toothpaste and a toothbrush in a pack at PetSmart and it doesn%26#039;t cost very much!!!

They come in flavors the dog will love too, like chicken and peanut!
Reply:Use ONLY dog toothpaste. Dogs can%26#039;t spit and therefore will swallow human toothpaste, which isn%26#039;t good. Dog toothpaste is special and it doesn%26#039;t matter if they swallow it.
Reply:They make dog toothpaste because human toothpaste is not meant to be swallowed ans dogs dont spit they swallow anything that goes in the mouth. Human toothpaste can poison a dog in large quantities just like humans
Reply:Never use human toothpaste to clean your dog%26#039;s teeth; it can upset his stomach.
Reply:well i brush my dogs teeth and after asking my vet about it i know that its not safe to use human tooth paste on dogs because they could have a allergic reaction to it. you should go to your local pet store to find tooth paste there. and by the way my vet also told me that you should brush your dogs teeth once-twice a month

No, don%26#039;t use human toothpaste. I have a website about Standard Poodles and it has a page all about taking care of your dog%26#039;s teeth. Check it out, it might help.
Reply:LOL! I use human Crest brand on my dog with a regular soft tooth brush. make sure you get al over the teeth.

p.s. - keep the toothpaste away from your dog - my dog likes to eat it! lol


Brushing your dog's teeth?

how do you brush your dog%26#039;s teeth? can you do it with a regular brush? my dog won%26#039;t stay still, tips?

Brushing your dog%26#039;s teeth?
but y?
Reply:you can use a regular brush and i had problems with my dog moving around when i first started bu eventually it will get used to it and just hold still so you will get done faster.
Reply:You need to go to a pet store.

You need dog tooth paste.
Reply:Certainly, you can brush your dogs teeth with a regular tooth brush. Good luck on trying to get him/her to stay still. I recommend buying him some doggy dental biscuits, or a spray doggy dental rinse to help with tarter. They sale all kinds at your local pet stores. I get mine at Petsmart for under $10.
Reply:Most pet stores have an entire section devoted to doggie oral hygiene. So if you can try and get a dog type brush, although regular tooth brushes work as well. As for holding still does your dog know the sit and stay command? Try using that first if they do. If not don%26#039;t let them go if they are fussing, this will only teach them to fuss more to get out of it. If they are thrashing about just stop say a firm %26quot;no%26quot; and wait until they are still until you start again. Best to do this in a small room at first until they are used to the method, the bathroom is best I have found, so they know they aren%26#039;t going anywhere. Then just brush little by little until finished. You can also try counting. If you count to ten or fifteen while you are doing it the dog will see the passage of time and understand when it will be done. And some doggie dental treats after never hurt either!
Reply:Make sure you%26#039;re using a soft toothbrush and brushing very gently. A child%26#039;s toothbrush works well because of size. Some dogs really protest the toothbrush and you might want to try getting a finger toothbrush (it fits on your finger).

Try having your dog lying on his side, brush gently and when you%26#039;re all done, give him a little treat as a reward. If you persist, he%26#039;ll soon get used to it.

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Does your dog like to brush the teeth?

When brushing my dog is snarling and howling:(((((( But after brushing it%26#039;s teeth he is so happy!!! Of course he prefers to chew special doggy bones, but from time to time I have to brush my dog%26#039;s teeth.

Does your dog like to brush the teeth?
I use an inexpensive battery operated electric (they each have their own) and the special dog toothpaste. They don%26#039;t like it but don%26#039;t freak out.

Over a couple of weeks, to get them used to it, I started by giving them a little bit of the toothpaste as a treat. Then I used my finger to put the toothpaste on their teeth (which helped get them used to me touching their mouth). Then, I used my finger to put the toothpaste on their teeth while I had the battery operated toothbrush running; so they would get used to the noise. Then I used the toothbrush %26amp; toothpaste without the brush running. Finally, I tried a short session with the brush, finishing with my finger.

Slowly, slowly I got them used to it. Now, I can brush their teeth in about 1 minute without them freaking out. Of course, they eat dry food, with a little canned mixed in %26amp; get teeth cleaning treats.

You are doing the right thing taking care of his teeth, dental problems can cause major health problems. Plus, having to get teeth pulled because they are rotten can hurt your bank account seriously!
Reply:They dont have to, you can always use bones to just keep there teeth clean
Reply:No they hated it. They have never tried to make me stop grooming them, but when I tried this they were pissed They struggled, they whined, they gave me sad eyes, they gave me dirty looks, my westie had her ears so far back on her head I thought they were going to slide off, this is the only thing that has ever stopped my springer%26#039;s tail from wagging. They get dentastix now, and seem all the happier for it. I will just continue to have their teeth cleaned by the vet every year.
Reply:sNo they don%26#039;t like it at all and I always try to start them out as puppie. In fact I have a 10 wk. old pup now that hates me to brush his teeth. May be another one to used dogs treats and dry food as his brush.
Reply:They never like it. If your consistent and start brushing their teeth from the time you get them, they start to tolerate it.
Reply:Nope I just use my fingers with toothpaste nd rub, she doesn%26#039;t like the brissles on the brush I think she%26#039;s sensitive to it D:
Reply:i use a brush thats very flexible rubber that fits over your finger and has very soft bristles, you can get it at your vets or a petstore.

theyd rather eat the liver flavored pet toothpaste. for my cat, i let her chew on the bristles, i figure that%26#039;s better than nothing.

i didn%26#039;t brush my first dogs teeth, and he got periodontal disease bad and had a lot of teeth extracted when he was about 7 years old.
Reply:I have a breed that is prone to bad teeth, so I make sure the brush the teeth on a regular basis.

She loves it. She thinks the toothpaste is a treat and tries to chew on the toothbrush, so it makes it a little more difficult for me, but she gets excited when she sees me get out her toothbrush and toothpaste.
Reply:They don%26#039;t like me to brush their teeth, but they love the peanut butter flavored toothpaste, so they%26#039;ll wiggle their head a little bit while I%26#039;m trying to brush, but it%26#039;s not horribly bad.
Reply:Mine tolerate the teeth brushing. They love the toothpaste. I also give them some dental chews during the week.
Reply:My dogs always loved it as long as I used the peanut butter flavored toothpaste they sell at PetsMart.


How to brush a dog's teeth..?

Butterfly Ivy, I noticed a resolved question of yours about how to clean a dog%26#039;s teeth, when the dog refuses to let you get the job done. There is something called DentaTreat, it is all natural, and you sprinkle it on a dog or cat%26#039;s kibble before every meal. The stuff is genius, the lady who told me about it has six huskies and they all have whiter teeth then most humans I know. I hope this helps you out

Good Luck.

How to brush a dog%26#039;s teeth..?
Yeah there is another really good idea I%26#039;ve seen in Petsmart before! Theres something that looks like a chew toy to dogs, but it has bristles in it. You put some pet toothpaste in it and they chew away, not realizing they%26#039;re brushing their teeth! No work required for the human. Sprinkling something on their food isnt entirely beneficial because it doesn%26#039;t wisk the plaque and other bacteria off their teeth, which is what bristles are there for!
Reply:this is not a question!!!!!